Soooo on Monday night I had the brilliant idea of cutting the color out of my hair with Farty’s help. Chile. I ended up with a fro mullet. Got it cut down really short yesterday by a barber and Im loving it. No sense in having a head of damaged hair. My twist outs started looking horrible, it was time. The good thing is I know what not to do now so hopefully my hair will grow in heathier than before. But yeah, I’m serving soft stud realness right now.


Kurt Cobain photographs daughter Frances Bean and his green Vans authentics.
From: Cobain Unseen


Kurt Cobain photographs daughter Frances Bean and his green Vans authentics.

From: Cobain Unseen

Thank y’all again for the kind words and congrats. It means a lot to me. Time to go eat icecream and cry.

Thanks for the congrats. :-)  Really exciting time. I don’t look pregnant yet. I just look like I really enjoy beer.

Knocked up!

So yeah…I’m going to be a mommy in October. I’m so excited, nervous and nauseous. Praying for a healthy baby. I was already a highly emotional person before the pregnancy and now these hormones have me at 1,000. I have to remember that I’m carrying a lil one and to chill. We were actually trying for over two and a half years so I feel really blessed. Our main focus is to be the best parents we can be. I’m glad Farty already has kids so he knows more about babies than I do. The last time I changed a diaper, Regan was in office. Pray for me ya’ll lol.



Contemporary Art Week!

Leo and Diane Dillon

Various Illustrations

Leo and Diane Dillon were one of the greatest illustration teams in the history of Fantasy Art. Books that have used their illustrations for cover or inside art include an edition of the Narnia books, Garth Nix’s Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen, Her Stories and The Girl Who Spun Gold by Virginia Hamilton, The Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula K. LeGuin, Aida by Leontyne Price, The Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese by Howard A. Norman, and many, many more.

There is a blog dedicated to archiving their work here.

i never knew who was doing this art but goddamn i loved them for it. i had a copy of a wrinkle in time that i looked at all the time because the cover was so great. 


*Someone snaps and kills someone in a rampage*
Black people: I bet they was white. white people crazy.

*Turns out to be black*

Black people:



my nigga put her down ever so gently


my nigga put her down ever so gently










He sounds better than Lorde tho

I was not at all prepared.

I wasn’t ready.



jaw dropped damn fam

Perfect tone 👏👏👏👏

he is perfect

This baby bout to make me catch the spirit at work. PERFECT. Someone sign him NOW.


Apparently biden is considering running for president and now it feels like I have to choose which parent do I want to have full custody of me