Yesterday Farty’s mom brought over what I like to call a “Die a beetus” cake to the house. The oldest needs to lose a certain amount of weight for the air force and like any teen it is hard for him to resist the sweets. Yet she rants on and on about his weight and how this is his only chance to have a decent life. I need someone to help me understand her way of thinking…

Farty got the boys an interview at his job on Friday. Sweet baby Jesus Lord, please let both of them be employed soon. The oldest may not get it tho since he is trying to join the air force and will have to go for training and is supposed to be leaving in January but damn…it would be nice for someone else to be able to contribute to the expenses. So I’ll be praying.


Just because I’m anti racism
Doesn’t mean I’m anti white
Unless you’re a white racist
Then I’m anti you

Frankie to Zack: “It’s time for you and Julie Chen to meet.”

Zingbot just got all up in Frankie’s ass lmao..


Yes Amber!  

Anyone who talks negatively about Mo’ne Davis is a jealous douche who doesn’t have shit going for themselves. This baby is amazing.

Woosah. Serenity Now.

Dear Black tumblr,



Son… You see how they tweeting bout our girl Mo’ne ??? Talking all that shit… Bout our girl… Racism don’t stop huh

Who said something?!

Say what now?